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Natureo Muscat

non-alcoholic wine

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A wonderfully refreshing Spanish white wine with bright light yellow color, made from the best Muscat grapes. The trademark of this grape is its intense aromatic character which is reflected clearly in the tastes of the Natureo. Its to flower smelling scent is rich and exuberant, with hints of pear, peach and citrus. 


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24 kCal / 100 Kj

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product description

• Spanish non-alcoholic white wine
• Fruit aroma of Golden Delicious apple and hints of quince jam
• Ideal as an aperitif, and with fish, seafood and rice dishes

Natureo Muscat

A refreshing Spanish non-alcoholic white wine with a clear light-yellow colour made from the finest muscat grapes. Characteristic of the muscat grape is its intense aromatic character which is reflected in the taste of this wine.
The producer Familia Torres is a well-known family with over 150 years of experience in winemaking, with a vineyard in Catalonia outside Barcelona in Spain.

Aroma & Flavour

Delicate fruit aroma (Golden Delicious apple). Smooth, delicious, and fresh taste with a shade reminiscent of quince jam.


Excellent as an aperitif. Suitable for all types of fish, seafood, and rice dishes.

GrapesMuscat de Alejandría
Tasting noteDelicate fruit aroma (Golden Delicious apple). Smooth, luscious, but fresh on the palate, with a seductive nuance reminiscent of quince jam.
VinificationThe wine undergoes a dealcoholization process at the end. Fermentation in stainless steel under controlled of 14-16°C.
Serving suggestionsExcellent as an aperitif. Wonderful with all kinds of fish, seafood, and rice dishes.
Serving temperature8-10°C
Alcohol content0%
Sugar content5.0 g/100ml
Energy per 100 ML24 kcal/100ml

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